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A. Narrow Bands are 11/4" wide and come in two different materials
     1. Polyester Twill is available either plain or with imprinted sizes.
     2. Mesh is available in a variety of colors that can be used for Color-coding & identification.
B.Wide Bands come in two sizes and are also available in two different materials.
     1. Choose 4" or 5" for Wide Bands
     2. Choose Duck Cotton Cloth or Colored Mesh Bands.

NOTE: Mesh Bands come in Red, Green,Yellow, Orange, Blue and White.They provide an economical way of color-coding. Mesh Bands also promote fast drying time to help prevent mildew and can be used as a scrubber for stubborn spots.

More Options

Fan Style, Web-Foot or Spread any mop for $4.00 per dozen. Add "I" to the end of the stock number when ordering. This option is the addition of a 1/2" tape, called a tailband approximately 3" from the base.This option spreads the yarn for wider surface coverage and minimizes loose strands and tangles. See page 5 for illustration.
Packing Options: Mops are polybagged and packed I dozen to a shipping carton unless noted otherwise.

     1 . If 6 pack cartons are desired, add $1.20 per dozen. For 4 pack cartons, add $2.00 per dozen.
     2. If no polybag is desired, add "NP" to the stock number and deduct $.50

Special Order Options: Many items not included in the catalog may be special ordered.

Drop Shipment: May also be available.

Private Labeling is offered on regular, repeat orders of $500.00 or more.

Double or 4 Rows of Stitching on Narrow Band Mops: add $.75 per dozen. Add "D" to the stock number.

Double or 4 Rows of Stitching on Wide Band Mops: add $2.40 per dozen.Add "D" to the stock number.

 The employees of Carolina Mop Manufacturing Company are among the finest in the industry. It is their skill and dedication which ensures you the quality we guarantee.