Blends: Raycot & rayon synthetics have been designed to offer the best properties of each fiber combined in a single yarn. Rayon usually presents the basis for initial absorbency. Synthetic fibers are added for strength, and cotton fibers produce texture and long term floor drying ability. Blends differ by the grade of cotton used and by the proportionate use of each type of fiber.

Plies: A mop strand is constructed by twisting single slivers of yarn together called plies. A 4-ply yarn is composed of 4 separate sub-strands of fiber. Untwist a strand of yarn from the end for a clean illustration of the ply number. Within a given grade of yarn, the greater the number of plies, the stronger the mop will be. This means less breakage and more strength to handle touch jobs involving caustic chemicals and rough floor surfaces. 4 and 8-ply yarns are the most common in the industry.

Twist: Expressed in lineal turns per inch, twist is the torque applied to fibers during the spinning process. A loosely twisted yarn can provide for high absorption and a short break in time. However, when strands lose their twist it causes unraveling and shredding of fiber called lint. This problem can be minimized by opting for fantail or loop-end construction. More tightly twisted yarn can also aid in minimizing lint. Tighter twisted yarn unravels less and provides strength for tougher jobs.

Pride Cotton: A 4-ply cotton yarn with a loose twist, which allows for maximum absorption and retention after break-in. This is best for general cleaning and is budget friendly.

Brute Cotton: An 8-ply yarn with a tighter twist that lives up to its name. It can be used on porous floors, in industry for cleaning and stripping, or for general mopping when durability is a concern.

Jan/Cal Cotton: A fine 8-ply cotton string yarn. It has a tight twist, which lends to its durability for rough and tough jobs. It works well on abrasive surfaces and is even used as a finishing mop in some cases because of its low lint factor.

V-STRIP: A blend of viscose and cellulose. Highly absorbent with little to no lint makes this ideal for healthcare facilities.

Duty Rayon: A 4-ply rayon yarn which is very absorbent. It provides durability because of its long staple fiber content. This is a clean yarn that lints less, dries fast, and resists mildew. It is often used as a finishing mop because of these qualities.

Quicksorb: An 8-ply rayon which offers extra strength and durability for tougher jobs and abrasive surfaces.

Blue/White Striped: Yarn consists of a blend of rayon and polyester which has 3 plies of white and one ply of blue blended together in a candy striped look. This is the ultimate finish mop. Virtually lint-free, it gives a smooth, controlled release for floor finish.

Raycot: A high performance yarn which offers quick absorbency without breaking and high moisture retention. The strength of the yarn resists abrasive surfaces and chemicals, and is suitable for environments such as the health care industry, where intensive laundering is required. Also ideal for all-purpose cleaning.

Rayon/Synthetic Blended Yarn: Has a long fiber content which provides for low linting and superior tensile strength. It is excellent for applying disinfectants and germicides, or for all purpose cleaning. It is used in clean rooms, hospitals, and in the foot industry. Other characteristics include fast drying, and it also resists mold and mildew.

Nylon/Smoothie: 100% lint-free. Yarn is designed to absorb little, allowing the floor finish to be spread evenly.