Carolina Mop Products


Wet mops are available in various materials (rayon, cotton, bright cotton). Our mops also come in multiple weights. We manufacture loop-end and cut-end mops, and have different color options for headbands and tail bands.

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Microfiber Products

We offer a variety of microfiber products including string mops, flat mops, mop pads, and other microfiber dusting tools.

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Dust Mops

We offer a variety of dust mops, from cut-end or loop-end, to electrostatic, and even disposable. Let us help you choose the right dust mop for your needs.

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Specialty Products

We also provide different specialty mops such as deck mops, sponge mops, and wedge mops.

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We offer a variety of handles with different connector options to connect mops. Handles are available in various materials such as wood, fiberglass, and metal.

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Brooms are available in a variety of handles and bristles, and can be made to your specifications. Bundled per dozen in broom bags to provide protection during shipping.

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We provide multiple different brush categories. We have floor brushes, scrub brushes, counter brushes, utility brushes, and more!

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Color Coded Items

We offer a select group of products in blue, green, red, or yellow. These products include poly floor brooms, multi-angle broom, and moss squeegees.

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We have looped end carpet bonnets, cotton blend bonnets, and microfiber bonnets.

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Miscellaneous Products/Tools

We also sell a variety of other janitorial/cleaning products and tools. These items include mop buckets, dust pans, janitor carts, wet floor signs, and more!

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We offer multiple kinds of hand pads, scrub pads, and floor pads. Our extensive line of floor pads include scrub pads, burnishing pads, stripping pads, polishing pads, and buffing pads.

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We offer a variety of squeegees including straight blade, and curved blade from sizes 18″ up to 36″.

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If you don’t see a product listed on our website or catalog, please call or email to check availability.